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Who can see your profile on Whats App, who can check it in this way.....

Who can see your profile on Whats App, who can check it in this way.....

There are many work features in the WhatsApp page and some are in testing in beta. But there is a feature mingling between all that lets the user realize who has checked his DP-profile picture. WhatsApp does not feature any security or alert, anyone can open your profile picture and save the photo. In this case, this feature can prove to be very useful.

Even though this feature is not in the WhatsApp, but we show an app here that you can find out about. This app is called Whats Tracker Android users can install this free from Play Store, this app is available in Prose and PAD versions. In the Pro version you will see a list of visitors and visitors from the last 7 days, while the pad version has given this information immediately. However, for this, the user has to spend $ 1.99 (about 130 rupees).
* About Whats Tracker App …
– This app is designed by tamazons, this has so far designed 3 apps.
– It can be installed on Android 4.1 and above OS.
– The current version of the app is 2.6.7.
– These different spaces stop in different smartphones.

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How To Eat Yourself Healthy

  How To Eat Yourself Healthy  

The way to consume your self healthful eating food is simple. however ingesting simple is one of the most tough things nowadays. there isn't always sufficient herbal spring water available to all. and we are not capable of digest raw wild inexperienced grasses and flowers anymore. further, there is temptation of cheap junk meals everywhere. junk food is not herbal. natural by myself will endure. natural eating has persisted for heaps of years. with out ever having to spend billions of bucks on advertising and marketing. consuming easy and natural is only not unusual feel. an blunders does now not grow to be fact due to repeated advertising and marketing. nor does truth come to be mistakes because nobody sees it. what you eat every day expresses your priority. is your priority to be healthful, lively and glad? make the world a higher place? or do you choose to not having to suppose or plan, zap television at domestic, stay on your consolation quarter, and be regularly occurring and liked through others. this is what you have to ask your self. what is your authentic precedence? determine and stay by means of it. your priority is your intention. to remind yourself every day and inspire your self to pursue it, write your very own purpose down a paper and stick it on your fridge, make it your computer password, set an alarm to your calendar to remind you often, post an inspiring quote or picture in your toilet or replicate, read books approximately the subject, concentrate to tapes, watch dvds and move to conferences where the challenge of your goal is discussed. break your intention down in small and smooth to do ordinary obligations. then simply move. to stay influenced i have an area in my kitchen with uncooked speedy food to job my memory and make it clean for me to devour this way: green powder, exceptional food mixes, uncooked chocolate bar, fruit, path
mixes, electricity bars, purified water. i've pix of inspiring wholesome humans on my computer and in my bathroom. my laptop password covered the word healthful. i examine books on raw food, go to uncooked meals activities, invite humans over to try uncooked food (like juice or chocolate parties and potlucks), write on my internet site, do studies, communicate to the human beings within the uncooked meals shops and so on. my priority is being healthful and happy so that you can help your own family, pals and other interested people to end up healthful and glad too. after gaining knowledge of, staring at and experiencing, i believe that eating a herbal weight-reduction plan is imperative to getting there. to me a natural healthful weight loss program is one which includes in the main uncooked, plant based and nutrient dense meals. on this book you'll locate recipes which can be made with those ingredients. are easy to put together for starters of a uncooked food weight-reduction plan and are incredibly delicious. this manner it is straightforward to live motivated and hold going.

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New Paradigm in Weight Loss

New Paradigm in Weight Loss

      Maximum weight loss plans require you to observe some new form of food regimen for the primary time for your lifestyles. these weight loss plans rely on a certain quantity of novelty. they're making a bet which you’ve by no means eaten this manner earlier than (and possibilities are, you will in no way eat this way once more!). they are additionally assuming that you aren’t familiar with the “special twists” in their principle of weight reduction. they give you a weight-reduction plan that consists of these special twists inside the wish which you’ll locate it new and interesting enough to make you willing to place up with something unbalanced routine is prescribed through a duration of initial weight loss. then you definately get bored, cross again to the manner of ingesting that put on the ones kilos inside the first vicinity, and advantage it all lower back – simply in time for the subsequent weight loss novelty book to hit the marketplace. as i present in this e book, the sector’s healthiest meals as the key to healthy weight loss is exceptional.

       The arena's healthiest foods aren’t part of a food regimen counting on a few new gimmick to be observed on a transient foundation. these meals are a part of the everyday ingesting behavior a good way to make you lean and wholesome. our consciousness is a package deal of nutrient-rich global’s healthiest foods and really brief-and-clean recipes and menu tips. the basis of wholesome weight loss –with out weight-reduction plan is surely taking part in a cornucopia of worldwide’s healthiest ingredients organized the usage of the healthiest manner of cooking strategies, which decorate flavor at the same time as maintaining nutrients. it’s no longer a weight loss plan; it’s a manner of consuming that serves up a scrumptious, potently wholesome manner of life.

      Our new paradigm components enterprise with the catchy fad diets that ask you to comply with unusual meals policies or nutritional restrictions. our new paradigm insists that the “attempted-and-genuine” ideas of wholesome consuming may be accompanied always in lifestyles, together with those times while you maximum desperately need to shed pounds!

⧫ These primary regulations encompass a focal point on:

  • Nutrient-rich meals just like the world’s healthiest foods that come up with the biggest variety of nutrients for the smallest quantity of calories.
  • Simple, brief, cooking practices that maintain as lots of a meals’s natural components as feasible.

  • And, just as vital, that magical form of pride that comes from the delicious tastes and textures of actual meals.
I’ve integrated these guiding concepts into this ebook, healthy weight loss – without dieting, an technique that functions no gimmicks and no transient meals regulations. as you are making modifications in your meal plan that help you weight loss, you’ll be making the exact equal changes that you will be relying on inside the destiny to hold your decrease weight. the arena’s healthiest foods set you up for top-rated weight and colourful fitness for existence, now not only for the following food regimen to appear at the block.

Our new paradigm does not involve counting calories, carbohydrates, grams of fats, or some other meals issue. it’s not that these additives are unimportant, however. unless you burn more energy than you purchased out of your meals, you will no longer be capable of lose weight in a consistent or lasting manner. nobody ever—i repeat, ever—misplaced weight and saved it off while ingesting extra calories (excess, in this example, honestly way extra than the frame needs). and if your carbohydrate and fats consumption leap outdoor of a healthful range, you’ll have issue keeping a healthy weight reduction. the first-rate benefit of our nutrient-wealthy global’s healthiest foods and our
healthful weight loss ingesting plan, however, is the capacity of these featured meals to help do your counting for you!

We're confident that you may be able to stability your nutrient-wealthy international’s healthiest ingredients intake successfully! the motive is straightforward: our recipes and food coaching pointers already combine entire, herbal meals in a balanced manner. our recipes are evidently balanced whilst it comes to nutrition and also obviously scrumptious! that’s the splendor and the magic of the world’s healthiest foods. they're foods that integrate tastes and textures in a manner that offers you the maximum meals pride and the best weight reduction possibility collectively immediately; they don’t taste like diet foods. the healthful weight loss eating plan will offer you with incredible examples of how to experience scrumptious global’s healthiest ingredients and recipes.

Healthy Weight Loss Stories

Healthy Weight Loss Stories     

    Wholesome weight loss memories i commenced the george mateljan foundation ten years in the past with one purpose in thoughts—to help human beings discover the arena’s healthiest ingredients, so they might enjoy higher health. this aim guided the creation of our world’s healthiest meals internet site  and the international’s healthiest foods ebook. during the beyond 10 years, i've been delighted to get hold of lots of letters of gratitude from readers, who've taken the time to proportion with me how consuming the world’s healthiest meals has modified their lives. they've written to tell me that they've skilled extra electricity, better sleep, more lustrous hair, clearer skin, improved concentration and reminiscence, and plenty of different signs and symptoms of standard power. others have also shared that ingesting the world’s healthiest foods has helped their cholesterol to drop, their blood strain to normalize, their blood sugar levels to stabilize, and their headaches to use up. through the years, readers have shared with me how lots they have discovered from the whfoods website and the world’s healthiest meals ebook. yet, this learning is truely a two-manner street: as readers have learned from us, we've additionally learned so much from them. one of the discoveries that i discover maximum interesting has been the reputation of yet another enormously positive benefit of the sector’s healthiest ingredients:

             At some stage in the beyond 10 years, i have been overjoyed to get hold of hundreds  letters of gratitude from readers, who have taken the time to share with me how eating the sector’s healthiest foods has modified their lives. they've written to tell me that they've skilled more electricity, better sleep, more lustrous hair, clearer pores and skin, more desirable awareness and memory, and many different signs of ordinary power. others have also shared that ingesting the world’s healthiest ingredients has helped their cholesterol to drop, their blood stress to normalize, their blood sugar ranges to stabilize, and their headaches to dissipate.

       Through the years, readers have shared with me how a whole lot they've found out from the whfoods website and the world’s healthiest foods book. but, this getting to know is surely a two-way street: as readers have discovered from us, we've additionally discovered so much from them. one of the discoveries that i locate most exciting has been the popularity of yet some other rather positive benefit of the sector’s healthiest meals.

  • Healthy Weight Loss and Improved Health

          Whilst extra weight in and of itself may be cosmetically unwanted, healthy weight loss stories
its most severe dangerous outcomes result from the reality that excess fats, specifically across the mid-section, significantly increases threat of growing a myriad of different health situations, inclusive of excessive cholesterol, excessive blood pressure, and multiplied blood sugar ranges. many readers have reported that eating world’s healthiest ingredients now not simplest helped them lose weight, however also alleviated weight-associated health problems as properly.

  • Wholesome weight loss and the healthiest manner of cooking
I have spent years growing cooking methods and recipes to make the arena's healthiest ingredients flavor exceptional due to the fact no matter how nutritious your food, you won't revel in it, and gained’t preserve consuming it, if it would not taste precise. readers have written us about how a great deal they love our smooth-to-prepare recipes using our healthiest manner of cooking techniques.

Many weight loss diets ask us to turn our lives completely over to a predetermined script no longer of our making. we're often requested to build our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners round notably processed ingredients that we didn’t select, prepare dinner, or even select from a list of favorites. through letting a person else make all of these selections for us, and by using surrender the joys of ingesting for a promise that we will lose weight.


The Liver and Gallbladder

The Liver and Gallbladder   

  The liver is the largest organ in the body and one of the most important for overall health. It is situated under the lower right rib cage. The liver is capable of complete self-renewal at a faster rate than the rest of the body. Given this ability to restore itself via good foods, rest, and herbs, the root meaning of its name, “live” or “life,” is very apt. The liver makes and releases into the body an amazing amount of useful substances and sustains us in a myriad of vital ways. It also stores vitamins, minerals, and sugars. Defi ciencies in any of these are due to a congested, poorly working, and under par liver, and can contribute to a huge number of conditions, including low blood sugar levels, diabetes, menstrual problems, and other hormonal problems.

   The raw material for all these chemical processes comes from food. Nutrition is the key to keeping the liver healthy; it absorbs food via the intestine and then releases it into the body at the necessary rate.

     The liver is the body’s main detoxifi cation unit: using two specifi c processes, it detoxifi es a range of internal and external toxins (of which there are more and more in our modern, polluted world). The end result of these detoxifi cation processes is the excretion of toxins, via the bile if large and via the urine if small. Enzymes are vital to allow the phases of detoxifi cation to be successful, and good nutrition plus herbs can greatly help. Additionally, the gallbladder and bile production need to be at optimum health in order for proper toxin elimination to take place.

      The gallbladder is a small organ attached to the underside of the liver. It is here that bile is condensed and stored until it is required, once it has been received from the liver. The job of the gallbladder is to eject bile into the duodenum when food passes from the stomach into the intestine. 158 The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition Bile has many functions, and one of its uses is to help digest fats. It is also a natural laxative because it acts as the liver’s own personal eliminatory channel

      The liver creates immune substances and also purifi es and fi lters the blood by neutralizing poisons. During its many chemical reactions, it produces a great deal of heat that can warm the whole body. If the liver is pushed and overwhelmed with the work it needs to carry out, perhaps because of excessive hormonal demands or toxicity, it can become “overheated.” This, in turn, will deleteriously affect other organs and systems. The liver also instigates some hormonal processes and inactivates others; it plays a major role in the premenstrual phase, menstruation, menopause, and other endocrine phases for women.

       This cleansing, manufacturing, and storage center, through its infl uence on nutrient and energy supply as well as detoxifi cation, has a direct link with the mind and its function. Emotionally, one can feel very depressed or even angry, sad, weepy, and at worst jealous if the liver is overextended by one’s daily input. Fortunately, the liver is also very capable of making us feel happy, joyful, balanced, sprightly, and energized when it is functioning well. Such drastic differences are often plainly seen before and after a liver cleanse.

Body Systems

Body Systems

The Digestive System 

          The digestive system runs from the mouth through to the rectum. In many ways it is the focal point of the body. It is our earthy center. Whatever we eat, we must have the ability to absorb and make use of it. Most illnesses, from chronic diseases such as cancer to many modern allergies, arise out of gastrointestinal debility, with a range of causal factors that include bacterial, fungal, and viral overgrowth. One such condition is “leaky gut,” in which the integrity of the stomach becomes thinned and leaky like a colander. One survey has shown that the high incidence of asthma among children — and, no doubt, the whole spectrum of allergies — is caused by low hydrochloric acid levels, leading to low levels of vitamins B12 and B6 and magnesium. Note also that if you are in blood group A or B, you may have a tendency toward low hydrochloric acid levels, resulting in poor 
digestive enzyme activity.


    Working out which foods suit you and can be processed effi ciently by your body is a key factor in the upkeep of your digestive system and balanced health. As a general rule, you should avoid common food intolerances, vary and rotate foods, and increase fi ber intake by eating whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. It may also be necessary to take probiotics occasionally. Pine apple, papaya, and apple cider vinegar will help digestion, while slippery elm inner bark will soothe and protect if necessary.


     Meadowsweet, a northern European herb that grows plentifully in Britain, is capable of stimulating the cells in the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen. It is also capable of treating overacidity with tremendous results. There are many other herbs that can stimulate and support digestion in a variety of ways, not least the common culinary ones such as oregano, marjoram, fennel, coriander, basil, garlic, and ginger. Additionally, drink a tea of meadowsweet leaf, peppermint leaf, or cham o mile fl ower after eating. It may even be necessary to avoid herbs that could be too harsh on the stomach for some, like pau d’arco inner bark. Your stomach will generally tell you if herbs don’t suit you, but do consult a herbalist.

Natural healing 

      Good chewing is vital, and you can check on how good you are at it by looking at your stools. If you are able to recognize much of your food, then chew more! Even if you are desperately hungry, restrain yourself because your haste may easily backfi re. In the short term it may produce gas, and in the long term, poor assimilation and ill health, not to mention a backed-up bowel, resulting in constipation or diarrhea. Take it slowly and chew. 

        Bad dental care and mouth problems can hamper your ability to chew well, so go regularly to the dentist, brush your teeth, and take care of your mouth. Mouthwashes containing salt, oak bark, fennel seed, and myrrh leaf are helpful for abscesses, receding gums, and infection. They can be especially effective alongside regular brushing.

      Any natural healing technique that helps the process of digestion will be useful. Start with sound sleep and exercise accompanied by cleansing programs where necessary, especially of the colon and liver.
      For more on the digestive system, see “The Pancreas,” “The Liver and Gallbladder,” “The Colon (Bowel) or Large Intestine,” and “The Spleen,” below in this chapter.

The Pancreas 

The pancreas is mainly concerned with secreting digestive enzymes in order to break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in the duodenum. It neutralizes the acids issuing from the stomach. It is key to the overall balanced functioning of digestion in the body and therefore an extremely important organ for all the digestion-based diseases and disorders.
    The health of the pancreas relies on an effectively functioning stomach, spleen, liver, and gallbladder, as well as the entire endocrine system. The pan creas produces two hormones required to control and balance the body’s glucose and fatty acid levels. One of its jobs is to release insulin, which reduces glucose production in the liver. When the body’s blood sugar levels rise, they affect the production of glucagons, which increases glucose production. The pancreas regulates blood sugar, so its health dictates the balance of sugar levels. Many people, especially women, have low blood sugar levels. In these cases, pancreatic health must be at the forefront of a support program.


   Refer to the section on digestive-system nutrition and to chapter 4, using the full spectrum of fl avors from neutral to bitter. Eat seaweeds and garlic, both of which help to normalize blood sugar. Garlic does so by stimulating the pancreas to produce suffi cient insulin. Poor pancreatic function often goes hand in hand with low or high blood sugar levels. Sweet herb (Stevia) helps to balance blood sugar and safely stimulates the pancreas while providing a sweet fl avor (three hundred to fi ve hundred times sweeter than sugar). Other supportive foods are fenugreek seed and leaf and sweet root vegetables like yams, while one of the best fruits is kiwi. Generally, eat little but often (six meals a day) to help support blood sugar levels. Be sure to eat some protein-rich foods in order to stabilize blood sugar levels. Liver health via food cleanses will, in turn, greatly assist pancreatic function. Excessive alcohol harms the pancreas and liver and can give rise to pancreatitis.

Natural Healing 

Take hot and cold showers, but if you feel fatigued or experience symptoms of low blood sugar such as light-headedness and dizziness, concentrate more on cold than hot.

Cleansing and Detoxifi cation

  Cleansing and Detoxifi cation

You would not own a car and assume that simply by giving it oil, water, and gas it would keep functioning effi ciently. You would realize that, at some time, it would need a complete oil change and a service. Interestingly, however, many people do not take similar steps to ensure that their bodies get the correct fuel and care. Yet they expect them to run effi ciently. Detoxifying is like home servicing an engine, a self-help program to keep your body functioning well. A new breed of people are emerging who are prepared to give it a try and fi nding the results worthwhile

     Decreased immunity because of an increase in toxicity is evidently the key health issue of our time and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But detoxifying and cleansing programs can help redress this problem. Cleansing the body of toxins by excreting, transforming, or neutralizing them frees the body. Every organ and system can sigh with relief as burdens are lifted, excess toxic baggage is towed away, and the effort of digestion is reduced to a minimum while nourishment is still provided.

     What exactly are these toxins? They can be excessive mucus, abundant free radicals, fungal and other microbial infestations, parasites, and worms — in fact, anything that blocks tissues and suffocates cells, causing stagnation and the diseases that often arise out of an immunally or digestively compromised body. Free-radical damage is a common factor in chronic disease. Free radicals are irritants that cause tissue to infl ame, blocking normal, free-fl owing function at every level. Whatever the toxicity, and whatever its cause, the effects can manifest themselves in many ways. Cancer, diabetes, diverticulitis, obesity, fatigue, immunesystem weakness, sexual disorders, swollen joints, headaches, candidiasis, and depression are just a few examples.

      Good health relies entirely on a correctly functioning gastrointestinal tract that assimilates nutrients from food and swiftly removes toxic substances. Because this system creates harmony and balance, it stands to reason that appropriate foods or the lack of them can be the major mechanisms through which the body is healed or remains sick. Exercise, massage, hydro therapy, and herbs have a supportive role in healing and should be used alongside healing food programs and other supportive therapies, such as acupuncture, radionics, and kinesiology. Exercise will always speed up the detoxifi cation process because it helps to remove toxins by increasing circulation. Massage and skin brushing work similarly by stimulating the skin and are very valuable aids to health. Simple hydrotherapy should include alternating hot and cold showers, sitz baths, and saunas. It encourages circulation, promoting the movement of toxins and the delivery of nourishment to all cells, organs, and systems. For more on these therapies, see chapter 5.

     General examples of herbs that may be chosen for various detoxifi cation purposes include the following:

  • Blood cleansers: 

burdock root, red clover fl ower, plantain leaf, and lemon

  • Diuretics (water movers): 

corn silk, dandelion root and leaf, and celery seed

  • Laxatives (colon movers): 

barberry root bark, cascara sagrada bark, and Chinese rhubarb root

  • Liver supportives and cleansers:

 milk thistle seed, Bupleurum root, and dandelion root and leaf

  • Immune enhancers:

 echinacea root, arborvitae leaf, garlic clove, chamomile fl ower, olive leaf, and oregano leaf

  • Immune enhancers: 

echinacea root, arborvitae leaf, garlic clove, chamomile fl ower, olive leaf, and oregano leaf

Food and Cleanses to Suit the Individual

    Before you undertake a cleansing and detoxifi cation program, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration in order to determine what kind of program is most suitable for you. In all cases, however, the body will require building and toning and then maintaining. Every program should include the use of water, juices, superfood, herbs, and specifi c foods.

      Very often, only a selective grouping of foods should be eaten during this type of program. Foods should be specifi cally chosen to clean and detoxify the system that needs initial attention. It is important to remember that it is not the variety of food types that is important but, in this case, the quantity of the food type you are consuming. Often vegetables are chosen for these programs because they clean out the bloodstream, lymph system, kidneys, and colon while putting as little strain as possible on the digestive system and pancreas.

       Ayurveda and other traditional healing systems look at body types and then advise on the duration of, and methods used for, a detoxifi cation or fasting program that is appropriate to the individual. For instance, thin people with hypermetabolic constitutions burn up material quickly, and 82 then the metabolism slows down. As this pattern decreases the likelihood of excessive detoxifi cation, this type of person should be given a shorter program. People who have a slower metabolism and greater body weight can cleanse and fast more frequently and with increased intensity. People who are of medium height with red tones to the skin and hair and who maintain good levels of body warmth will fi nd fasting and detoxifying programs an easy and productive process. If you wish to clarify your body type, consult an Ayurvedic practitioner. You can also simply start a cleanse and then stop if you are too overwhelmed physically and emotionally, returning to it at a later date

     For many relatively healthy people it is simply pleasant and rejuvenating to perform a cleanse at the onset of each season. Choose cleanses to fi t the weather and your mood. The consumption of lots of juiced root vegetables, raw chiles, and ginger, accompanied by plenty of potassium broth (see under “Kitchen Basics” in chapter 4) and warming herbal teas, should be used in autumn and winter, while for the spring and summer, watery vegetables and fruits like melon and cucumber, along with an abundance of green salads, would be ideal.

         For those wishing to cleanse only twice a year, the fi rst cleanse should take place in spring. This is traditionally the best time of year to cleanse. It helps you to replenish your energy and shrug off the excesses of winter. Spring itself gives us the fresh ingredients for cleansing, such as spring greens (the sour varieties), dandelion leaves, young nettles, and new hawthorn shoots. Such plants can be used to thin the blood before the onset of summer heat. There are striking similarities between spring and autumn; for example, the damp nights and the golden days that give us green grass of such piercing vernal freshness. During the transitional season of autumn; you will again be able to fi nd young dandelion leaves shooting up everywhere, and the nettles that have been cut down all summer will also begin to produce green, tender growth. Therefore autumn is a good time of year to cleanse the liver in preparation for the work it will have to do throughout the winter months, when the body and immune system are called on to endure the cold and the possible increase of infections.

Our Bodies, Our Health

Our Bodies, Our Health

The Clues to Health and Sickness 

It is a great blessing if your body can transport you through life without too many recurring breakdowns. Being unaware of the body’s warning signs is part of a more general loss of many primal and gut instincts. When things do go wrong, there is a tendency to curse your body, treating it as something separate from yourself — an entity that has failed in its service to you. What people often fail to realize is that this reaction is the result of an ever-increasing disconnection with the body, and that the physical breakdown is the conclusion to a long series of unheeded warnings, which the body has been trying to communicate. 

         These communications can be as simple as an awareness that you have not felt quite right for a while, that you have been unusually terse with loved ones or simply the feeling that you can’t cope any more. They can also take a more physical form, like a headache or indigestion — symptoms often suppressed with a pill, when you should be addressing the cause and questioning the reason for them. Sometimes, as with so many children nowadays, ill health becomes a way of life. Allergies, digestive disorders, and overuse of antibiotics are all too common. 

         Listening to your body, observing and asking how and why you react to situations the way you do, can tell you an awful lot about yourself. With physical symptoms, what is often required is a process of seeing the external signs and tracing them back to the inside. Initially, there may be just a jumble of clues and tidbits of information, great and small. Every sensory ability has to be thrown into feeling more and gathering information. Approach the problem like a great detective novel; it will invariably contain many false trails that must be patiently tracked by applying all available wisdom. Drawing conclusions too quickly is as dangerous as overcomplexity and tunnel vision. Simplicity and common sense should be your primary focus. A practitioner can often make sense of all the pieces for you and design a helpful route back to health. 

        In many cases of ill health, a disease progresses for some years before severe symptoms set in. The further advanced a disease is, the harder it is to fi nd the source or to locate the actual moment, or moments, when the initial disharmony spawned the illness. So seeing and being aware of yourself is a habit you can begin at any age and is a lesson that it is never too early or too late to learn. In many ways it is a very natural process. Some may fi nd comfort in knowing that their ill health is their destiny. our bodies, our health 11 11 The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition 

What is certain is that what counts is the course of action that follows. 

The Basics That Can Be Achieved at Home 

  • Nutrition:

 Eat good foods, avoiding those that contain pesticides, hormones, and any other additives or contaminants. Instead, concentrate on foods that are organic, if available, and rich in vitamins, minerals, and other desirable constituents. An occasional checkup on the body through food cleanses is important. Today, digestive problems are rife and are at the bottom of much ill health. Weak digestive juices are often the cause.

  •  Medicinal nutrition:

 Use healing plants to tone, support, and stimulate.

  •  Herbalism:

 Use plant oils, tinctures, infusions, poultices, syrups, compresses, fomentations, and decoctions. 

  • Hydrotherapy: 

This healing method can be practiced in the bathroom. Showering, soaking, and steaming are just a few ways in which water can be used to circulate blood and massage internal organs and systems — giving them more oxygen and nourishment in order to avoid or dispel congestion and stagnation. 

  • Exercise: 

Keep the body moving, fl exing, circulating, pumping, inhaling, exhaling, and detoxifying. Yoga and breathing exercises are especially good for all of these requirements and for those with limited movement. Body contact: Massage, yoga, refl exology, tai chi, and other movement therapies help the body stay healthy or, if necessary, heal.

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